Videos: How to Build Mental Immunity

The Principles of Mental Immune System Care

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We’re ALL susceptible to mind-infections, and neither intelligence nor education can make you immune. The good news? We can all take steps to reduce our susceptibility. The trick is to keep your mind’s immune system functioning well. This means thinking about your thinking.

The body’s immune system is activated, of course, by germs; the mind’s counterpart is  activated by information that conflicts with existing beliefs. Healthy mental immune systems manage such conflict in a particular way: a calm, reflective way that promotes learning, adaptability, and growth. They listen to doubts, consider reasons, seek objective touchstones, and adjust beliefs accordingly.

Digital connectivity made our computers vulnerable to distant hackers. It also networked our minds, exposing them to mind-bugs for which we lack immunity. The following principles will help you care for your mind’s immune system. Put them to work and they’ll protect you from infectious and manipulative information… 

All of these videos are also available on our YouTube Channel in this playlist

All of these videos are also available on our YouTube Channel in this playlist


So there you have it: ten principles for building mental immunity. Make them second nature and your thinking will improve. But don’t stop there! Imagine a world where everyone is taught these things: a world where constructive dialogue is so thoroughly normalized that outbreaks of unreason are rare. Imagine a world where divisive ideologies are routinely dissolved before they can poison the well of mutual trust.

The science of immunology allowed us to do something once thought unthinkable: wipe out smallpox. With the science of mental immunity to guide us, there’s no telling what we’ll accomplish!

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