All of these websites are full of useful educational content.
We flag other content that’s especially useful for educators with [Great for Edu.] below.

  • [Founder] CIRCE*: The research institute behind the Mental Immunity Project (MIP)
  • [Founder] Thinking Is Power*: A critical thinking resource for teachers and critical thinkers (MIP collaborator)
  • Street Epistemology*: How to explore foundational beliefs without triggering people
  • First Draft*: A treasure trove of tools for combatting online mis- and disinformation
  • Inoculation Science*: Short videos that inoculate against online misinformation
  • News Literacy Project: Helping to create a more news-literate America
  • The Thinking Shop: critical thinking games & posters (affiliate marketing link – helps support us)
  • Civic Online Reasoning: Curricula that empower students to explore online safely

These books are all great for learning how to think more critically.

These guides and handbooks will help you improve your digital literacy and digital hygiene. If you want to get better at spotting misinformation and disinformation, these should help.

Useful YouTube Channels linked further below

If you’re looking to become more familiar with the popular media coverage of issues related to misinformation, disinformation, and the foundational aspects of our work, this list of articles should help.

Great for Educators and Students!

  • Bad News*: Confers resistance against manipulative information by putting players in the position of the people who create it.
  • Cranky Uncle: Uses cartoons and humor to expose the misleading techniques of science denial.
  • Go Viral*: Infodemic game that teaches players how to spot coronavirus misinformation in 5 minutes.
  • Spot the Troll: test your ability to spot troll accounts on social media and learn what to look out for
  • The Thinking Shop: critical thinking games & posters (affiliate marketing link – helps support us)

Have fun and get smart! These fun games are designed to help you become a better thinker and a smarter consumer of information.

  • This View of Life Pod: David Sloan Wilson’s* podcast
  • This View of Life: David Sloan Wilson’s* This View of Life Magazine’s YouTube channel
  • Anthony Magnabosco: Street Epistemology*: Anthony has respectful conversations with people about their beliefs on YouTube
  • 502 Conversations: Podcast conversations with skeptics, scientists, and thinkers
  • Center for Inquiry: The leading skeptic’ nonprofit doing very important work (YouTube channel)
  • The War on Pineapple: This podcast tells the tale of how a deliberate campaign of mind inoculation prevented the big election lie from corrupting the thinking of hundreds of election officials–and how this in turn saved American democracy from a mind-virus.

Our mission is to empower minds. We think these resources will help serve this mission, however, we are not responsible for the information shared in any of the above links that do not link directly to work that has been created or produced by CIRCE

*Mental Immunity Project affiliate

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