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Want to learn more about mental immunity? We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources to help.



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Guides and Handbooks

Articles and Videos


  • Bad News*: Confers resistance against manipulative information by putting players in the position of the people who create it.
  • Cranky Uncle*: Uses cartoons and humor to expose the misleading techniques of science denial.
  • Go Viral*: Infodemic game that teaches players how to spot coronavirus misinformation in 5 minutes.

Podcasts and YouTube Channels

  • This View of Life Pod: David Sloan Wilson’s* podcast
  • This View of Life: David Sloan Wilson’s* This View of Life Magazine’s YouTube channel
  • Anthony Magnabosco: Street Epistemology*: Anthony has respectful conversations with people about their beliefs on YouTube
  • 502 Conversations: Podcast conversations with skeptics, scientists, and thinkers
  • Center for Inquiry: The leading skeptic’ nonprofit doing very important work (YouTube channel)
  • The War on Pineapple: This podcast tells the tale of how a deliberate campaign of mind inoculation prevented the big election lie from corrupting the thinking of hundreds of election officials–and how this in turn saved American democracy from a mind-virus.

*Mental Immunity Project affiliate

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