The Mental Immunity Project (MIP) is an ambitious effort to help everyone develop their immunity to sneakily manipulative information. It represents a collaboration between CIRCE, a global institute dedicated to advancing the science of mental immunity, and Thinking Is Power, a creative developer of tools for critical thinkers.

Our Story

In Mental Immunity (2021), cognitive scientist Andy Norman proposed a new approach to our world’s misinformation problem: one centered on the idea that minds have “immune systems” of their own — a suite of evolved mechanisms for spotting and shedding problematic information. Contacted by scholars and activists from all over the world, Andy founded CIRCE, an institute dedicated to understanding the mind’s defenses and cultivating mental immune health.

Stopping the spread of mind bugs. Mental Immunity Project.

With seed funding from philanthropists and foundations, CIRCE convened a blue ribbon panel composed of the world’s leading experts. The panel quickly realized that the science of mental immunity — “cognitive immunology” — offers a lifeline to a world drowning in misinformation. In 2022, it drafted a bold declaration highlighting the science’s promise. Over 100 scholars and domain experts have since signed this declaration. (This represents an impressive degree of consensus for a field packed with moral and political implications.)

The panel also concluded that we know enough already to begin cultivating mental resilience at scale. So in 2023, CIRCE launched the Mental Immunity Project. We gathered the recommendations of dozens of experts and boiled it down to the basics. That’s what this website is all about: to give you mental tools you can use and share with those you care about.

Whether you’re a student, parent, educator, boss, or otherwise, you are part of the mental immunity solution!

Our Mission

Equip everyone with the skills they need to spot and shed the worst kinds of information— extremism, hate, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, propaganda, etc.

Our Vision

A world where enhanced immunity to problematic information substantially improves the prospects of all — just as enhanced immunity to infectious diseases dramatically improved human prospects in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Our Team

Andy Norman

Melanie Trecek-King, CIRCE, Thinking is Power, in black and white
Melanie Trecek-King
Director of Education

Lee McIntyre, PhD, Author and Research Fellow at Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Boston University
Lee McIntyre
Analyst & Investigator

Luke Johnson, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for CIRCE, in black and white, UChicago quarter zip
Luke Johnson
Operations Director

Anthony Trecek-King, Web Developer for Mental Immunity Project, Conductor, Consultant, Speaker
Anthony Trecek-King
Development Consultant

Who We Are

The scientists, researchers, and change agents behind the Mental Immunity Project
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Andy Norman, PhD, Founder and Director of CIRCE, the nonprofit behind the Mental Immunity Project, Professor at Carnegie Mellon

Author: Mental Immunity

Melanie Trecek-King, MA, Founder of Thinking Is Power (TIP) and Associate Professor of Biology at Massasoit Community College

Creator: Thinking Is Power

Lee McIntyre, PhD, Author and Research Fellow at Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Boston University

Boston University

Sander van der Linden, PhD, Professor of Social Psychology and Director of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Lab, University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Stephan Lewandowsky, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Bristol, leader of the Technology, Cognition and Democracy Group (TeDCog)

University of Bristol

David Samson, Professor at University of Toronto

University of Toronto

University of Central Florida

Claire Wardle, PhD, co-founder and co-director of the Information Futures Lab, Professor at the Brown School of Public Health

Brown University

Maarten Boudry, PhD, teacher and researcher at Ghent University

Gent University

Anthony Magnabosco, Street Epistemology International

Street Epistemology

Steije Hofhuis, PhD, lecturer in Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University

Utrecht University

Steven Gilbert, PhD, Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Josh Compton, Professor at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College

Karin Tamerius, MD, founder of Smart Politics

Smart Politics

Harris Eyre, MBBS, PhD, lead of the Brain Capital Alliance, co-lead of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development + affiliations with American Psychological Association, Global Brain Health Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, and the Brookings Institution

Brain Capital

Seema Yasmin, MD, Director of Stanford's Health Communication Initiative, Journalist, and Author (What the Fact? and more)

Standford University

Jon Roozenbeek, Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge

Cambridge University

Ralph Hertwig, Director of the Center for Adaptive Rationality at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development

Max Planck Institute

Some of Our Partners


CIRCE Shield logo, the cognitive immunology research collaborative

CIRCE, the Cognitive Immunology Research Collaborative, seeks to prevent epidemics of unreason through the deliberate application of the science of mental immunity.

CIRCE is 501(c)(3) nonprofit institute. We thank our many backers, including the Stanek and Rapoport Foundations.

Our minds have immune systems, just like our bodies. If we don’t care for them, though, they can’t protect us from invasive digital threats.
Mental Immunity Project
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