Test your mental immunity with this simple quiz

We’re closing in on 900 response, help us reach 1000!

Click the button to take the 10 question, multiple choice survey

We’ve developed a tool to measure how strong your mental immune system is.
It only takes about 3 minutes and it’s fun!

How it works

  • You’ll be asked 10 simple questions. (Warning: they might make you think!)
  • The quiz will provide your “MI score” along with suggestions for strengthening your mind’s defenses.
  • Feel free to take the quiz again to see if your mind’s defenses are getting stronger.

Things to know

  • Don’t worry, we don’t collect any personal information; we’re only interested in empowering you!
  • We think MI scores are meaningful indicators, but this instrument is still being tested. MI is a complicated phenomenon, and this is a new field!

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