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What is the Mental Immunity Project?

Our goal is to equip everyone with the skills they need to spot and shed the worst kinds of ideas — extremism, hate, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, propaganda, etc.

How MIP Can Help You!

Our site is made to benefit various audiences, regardless of background…

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Learning how to build strong mental immune systems can help educators and parents foster critical thinking skills in their students. 

Developing strong mental immune systems is key to excelling in school & making informed decisions. You may not be a student, but we’re all learners!

Building upon the work of CIRCE, mental immunity offers endless and exciting research opportunities.

Using the mental immunity framework can help journalists inoculate the public against disinformation. 

The developing science of cognitive immunology can inform policies around misinformation as well as education-related policy.

Leading teams that can think critically and productively increases the chances for success.

Our most recent addition to the site has been the page titled The Psychological Science of Misinformation, which has 5 infographics we made that are based on the APA report Using Psychological Science to Understand and Fight Health Misinformation.

How to Engage with MIP

How can you help MIP?

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